Because this pairing has been thought of since the show started. I Just finished two different version of the “Gaim of Thrones” T-shirts and uploaded them to the Digital Overlord T-shirt Page.

Although I haven’t started the actual program yet, I plan on doing something similar to what Bruno from MMPR Toys on youtube does and wearing the T-shirts on youtube videos I make that are Tokusatsu related, specifically a show that right now has a working title of “Attack on Toku” (This may change though) The reason there are two versions is I couldn’t’ decide if I liked when I added the flags, so I made them both as shirts.

Let me know which one you think is better (Although I will most likely always have two versions on the shop, maybe adding different types of shirts as I make more Toku related parody shirts.

So if you wanted it, it’s now for sale on Digital Overlord Gift Galaxy.

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A much better video for the candy toy Lockseeds which feature character quotes. These five have quotes in place of finishing attacks, as well as a “Transform!” before the unlocking sound. 

Just for you guys, I’ve gone through and found which episodes each quote comes from. Mitchy’s are kind of unusual because I can’t find the exact source for two of them. If you wanna play along, the 5 minute mark is when the attacks start to be demonstrated. 


Kota/Gaim: Transform! (「変身!」) 

Kota/Gaim: Encouraging those around you and filling them with courage; That’s what true strength really is! (「誰かを励まし勇気を与える力、それが本当の強さだ!」) - From episode 5, directed to Baron. 

Kota/Gaim: Huh? Hey, you’re not bad. | Kaito/Baron: And there’s more hope for you than I expected. (「あれ?お前、結構やるじゃねえか。」「きさまも意外に役に立つ。」) - From episode 13, when Gaim and Baron fighting Bravo. The “Huh?” is added on. 

Kota/Gaim: I have to fight. I can’t let anyone stop me now! (「俺は戦わなきゃならない。もう絶対に負けられないんだ!」) - From episode 17, as Gaim finishes off Bravo. 


Kaito/Baron: Transform! (「変身!」) 

Kaito/Baron: I’ll choose my own path in life. Your so-called fate doesn’t concern me! (「俺は俺の道を選ぶだけ。 運命など知ったことか!」) - From episode 3, when Baron is warned by Alternative Mai. 

Zack: Bana… Banana?! | Kaito/Baron: It’s Baron! (「バナ・・・バナナ?」「バロンだ!」) - From episode 3, the premiere of Baron. Zack’s performance is toned down here. 

Kaito/Baron: Now I’ll show you what true strength is! (「今から俺が本当の強さというものを見せてやる。」) - From episode 3, when Baron prepares to face off against Kota. 


Mitchy/Ryugen: Transform! (「変身!」) 

Mitchy/Ryugen: If it’s to keep this happiness alive, I’ll betray anyone and anything… (「この幸せが守れるなら、僕はどんな裏切りだってできる。。。」) - From episode 18, Mitchy thinks this when he and the Beat Riders celebrate. 

Takatora/Zangetsu: Let’s go, Mitsuzane. | Mitchy/Ryugen: Right - I’m not afraid of anything when my brother is here. (「いくぞ、光実。」「うん、兄さんと一緒なら何も怖くない。」) - An unusual line that I’m not sure on the source of. Speculation I’ve been given is that it’s from one of the games. 

Mitchy/Ryugen: Kota, Mai, I’ll protect everyone’s smiles… (「紘汰さん、舞さん、みんなの笑顔のためなら・・・」) - Another I can’t find a source on. It does however fit his character. This bugs me because he’s said a line SIMILAR to this in episode 17 but still different. 

Mitchy/Ryugen: Authority… this is the kind of power I want. (「それが権力。。。僕の求めていた力。」) - From episode 24, Mitchy thinks this to himself when talking down to a fellow student from his school. This is apparently a secret sound stored on the Lockseed, but I have no idea how it’s accessed. possibly something triggered at random. 


Takatora/Zangetsu: Transform! (「変身!」) 

Takatora/Zangetsu: This world is filled with evil beyond purpose or reason. (「この世界には理由のない悪意がいくらでも転がっている。」) - From episode 4, when Zangetsu attacks Gaim in their first encounter. 

Pierre/Bravo: Tres bien! What beauty! Who might you be? | Takatora/Zangetsu: Silence! (「トレビアーン!なんて美しい!あなたはいったい?」 「うるさい!」) - From episode 11, when Zangetsu defeats Baron and catches Bravo’s attention. Bravo’s line is shortened for this. 

Takatora/Zangetsu: Do not flee… Now, fight me! (「逃げるな。。。さぁ、かかってこい!」) - From episode 4, when Gaim is attempting to avoid Zangetsu in their first encounter. 


Pierre/Bravo: Transform! (「変身!」) 

Pierre/Bravo: Now. it’s time for my pageant of violence and destruction to begin! (「さあ、始めますわよ!破壊と暴力のパジェントを!」) - From episode 6, when he first transforms. 

Pierre/Bravo: Don’t you know? Christmas is the busiest time of year for a patissier. | Kaito/Baron: Then get back to work! (「いいこと?クリスマスってのはねパティシエにとって1年で一番忙しいときなの。」「だったら仕事しろ!」) - From episode 11, when Bravo is mocking Baron during their battle. 

Pierre/Bravo: I’m a true professional, after all. (「私こそが本物のプロフェッショナルよ。」) - From episode 7, when Bravo is fighting Gaim and Ryugen. 


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Detail of Heroes Kamen Rider Gaim Kiwami Arms

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A whole set of Detail of Heroes scans for Gaim’s Kiwami Arms! 

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